Cosmetic / Nutraceutical Application Range

The following is a short list of products we can supply for use in cosmetics applications and nutraceutical applications. These are functional ingredients which can bring great value to your products.

Acacia Shampoo’s, Soaps
Aloe Vera Radio protective, moisturiser, sun screen
Amaranth Seed (CO2) The seed oil is used in dietary supplements because of the valuable, single and twice
unsaturated fatty acids and the high content of squalene, a precursor of
steroid synthesis. Furthermore the oil finds application in cosmetic products in
particular for dry and sensible skin, for improving skin elasticity, reducing wrinkles
and as prophylaxis against skin aging. The oil has calming and healing properties
in case of damaged allergic and itching skin
Antimicro Preservative for lotions, creams
Caffeine Increase Metabolism
Camomile  Anti-inflammatory properties. Cosmetic Preparations. Creams & Lotions,
Antibacterial, Anti-fungal
Camu-camu  Anti Aging Ingredient 
Carrot  Natural source of vitamin A 
Casawalla  Anti Aging Ingredient 
Catuaba  Anti Aging Ingredient 
Cha De Bugre  Weight loss Ingredient 
Chia Seeds  Omega 3 Source – Anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic properties, flavouring
dermal tissues flexibility 
Chicory  Relieves sore eyes/clears skin of blemishes 
Chuchuhuasi  Anti Aging Ingredient 
Coffee Bean Green  Weight loss Ingredient 
Coriander  Anti-inflammatory 
Garlic  Promotes skin healing 
Green Tea  Increase Metabolism 
Gotu kola  Wound healing 
Hoodia Gordonii  Weight loss Ingredient 
Hop CO2 Extract  Antimicrobial – Creams feet 
Lemon  Heals skin, prevents hair loss 
Liquorice  Anti-inflammatory 
Marigold/Calendula  Promotes skin care 
Olive  Shampoos, moisturizers creams, antiaging creams, pigment products, lightening
creams (Freckles) – Antioxidant and Perservative 
Orange  Skin creams, soaps, shampoos 
Orris  Additive to dusting powder 
Pomegranate (CO2)  Seeds are used in dietary supplements. Described to have cancer inhibiting and
cardiovascular protecting properties, normalising lipid metabolism in case of
obese and hyperlipidemic conditions.
The oil is also used in cosmetic products for promoting skin regeneration,
stimulating self repair mechanisms, improving skin elasticity, reducing wrinkles
and as prophylaxis against skin aging and has calming and healing properties in
case of irritated, dry, sensible, allergic and itching skin. 
Red Sandalwood  In skin creams 
Rhatany Root  UV Protection – Sun creams 
Rosemary  Antioxidant – Creams, Colour Stabiliser 
Saffron  Post bath massage 
Samabaia/Calawalla  Anti Aging Ingredient 
Sandal wood  In skin lotions 
Saponins  Emulsifiers, Foaming agent, wetting agent, dispersing agent 
Saw Palmeto  Shampoos, Stops hair loss (High Natural Phyrosterols) 
Seabuckthorn Berries  Skin protection healing caring. Sunscreen products esp.
(High Natural Phyrosterols) 
St. Johns Wort  Antibacterial (Acne, Skin disorders) 
Thyme  Antioxidant, antibacterial, antiviral and cleaning properties, Anti inflammatory
and helps reduce seborrhea & Acne. 
Turmeric  Skin creams & Lotions, anti-bacterial 
Usnea Lichens  Skin protection and deodorising properties 
Vanilla  Flavouring Lipsticks, mouthcare products, perfumes